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TO: Dowling College Community
FROM: Dr. H. E. Broadbent
DATE: September 13, 2005
RE: Emergency Closing Procedures

  1. If Dowling College classes and administrative offices are to be officially closed due to inclement weather or other emergency, the President's office will notify the Cabinet. Cabinet members will inform their subordinates.
  2. My office will notify the media, the Dowling website, and will place an emergency closing message on (631) 244-3001. I will also redirect other phone lines (1-800-Dowling, 3030, 3250, 3110, 3000) to the emergency closing message.
  3. If Dowling College does not close during inclement weather, but a faculty member is still unable to meet his or her classes, the following procedures have been established:
    1. The switchboard operator is responsible only to indicate to students that the college is remaining open and will forward the calls to the schools or divisions. Each of the four schools have agreed to leave updated messages on their main office numbers before they close during emergency situations.
    2. Faculty members are to notify their school or division office and, if possible, the students of individual classes that have been canceled. Means of doing this include Blackboard, email, phone chains, personal phone calls, or by leaving a message announcement on the faculty member's voice mail. If the class is scheduled at Brookhaven, Helen Wittmann should be notified at extension 1308 so she can post the cancellation notice on the room.
    3. The weather line voice mail will be changed to indicate that the school is remaining open, however, for individual class cancellations, please call the individual schools, e.g., press one for the Arts and Humanities office.
    4. Inquiries regarding Brookhaven cancellations should be directed to the Schools.
    5. The Security Office is not equipped to take messages or post notices.