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Date: 3/18/2005 12:15pm
Subject: Spysweeper to be Installed

Hello, all,

Next week we plan to deliver a new application to your PC: SpySweeper is our new enterprise-wide, centrally-managed anti-spyware guard which detects spyware that may be installed on your PC, and deletes it. A link will be posted shortly to give you more information - check http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/tech .

SpySweeper will be installed automatically when you login; if you normally leave your PC powered on overnight, please be sure to restart at least once next week so that the install will occur. The following week we will detect PCs for which the install has not occurred, and manually install SpySweeper on those PCs. ALL PCs on the Dowling administrative networks, except those which are managed by DeepFreeze (in the Labs and the Library) will be REQUIRED to run SpySweeper.

Beginning April 6, every PC will be automatically scanned for spyware once a week. Spysweeper will automatically delete any spyware it finds. A few notes of caution:

  1. None of the "authorized" applications we install on your PC are "bundled" with spyware. If you have installed certain other programs without approval, and they ARE bundled with spyware, deleting the spyware MAY disable the program you installed. You may wish to uninstall programs such as screensavers, weather applications, or filesharing software BEFORE we begin scanning PCs. Call the Help Desk if you have any questions about this.
  2. In extreme cases, if your PC is heavily infested with spyware, deleting the spyware may disable your PC. You can tell you're heavily infested if you get a lot of popup windows, your PC has extra search bars or icons that neither you nor we placed on your desktop, or if your PC is getting slower and slower over a period of days. In this case,we suggest you call the Help Desk right away for assistance.
  3. On older, slower PCs the "sweep" may make your PC very sluggish. If you have been granted administrative rights on your PC you can ease this problem by temporarily stopping the eTrust Antivirus program from trying to be helpful:
    • Right-click the eTrust icon in your system tray, lower-right corner of your screen (it's a dark square with an EKG line through it)
    • Choose "snooze" and tell it to sleep for 30 minutes while the scan completes.

Last Spring we automated our anti-virus protection. This Spring we are automating our anti-spyware protection. We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to improve the security of Dowling's network and desktop environment.

-- Chris

Christopher Ihm
Director of Administrative Information Services
Dowling College, Oakdale, NY

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