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Date: 4/5/2005 5:04:24 PM
Subject: SpySweeper Scans

Hello, all,

SpySweeper has been installed on enough PCs that we can now proceed with the second phase of our anti-spyware project.

Beginning Wednesday, April 6 at 11:45am a spyware scan will be initiated on about half of the PCs on which SpySweeper has been installed. The other half will be scanned on Thursday at 11:45am. The scan is expected to take about 1/2 hour.

We have noticed that some older PCs slow down considerably while the scan is underway. Although we are deliberately scanning around lunchtime, this slowdown may interfere with your work. You can make the delay less intrusive by temporarily shutting down eTrust Antivirus:

  • Find the EKG-like icon in your system-tray, lower right.
  • Right-click and choose Snooze.
  • Tell it to snooze for 30 minutes instead of the default of 1 minute.
  • Click OK.
  • SpySweeper's scan will delete most spyware that it finds. Further information:

    Last month's newsletter:  http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/Tech/news/adminISnews_200503.html
    The email we sent out on March 18:  http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/Tech/emails/email_spysweeper.html
    Frequently-asked questions:  http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/Tech/spysw-help.html

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Help Desk at x3445. Thanks!

    Dowling College, Oakdale, NY

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