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TO: Dowling College Administration and Staff
FROM: H.E. "Chuck" Broadbent III
DATE: May 2, 2005
RE: Policy on Cell Phones, PDA Devices and Home Internet Services

The College recognizes that cell phones and plans, PDA devices and broadband internet connections have become productivity tools at work and at home. With limited financial and technical resources, the College must limit its support to the highest priority institutional needs.

All requests for College financial support for cell phones and plans, PDA devices and/or internet connections at home must be reviewed and approved by appropriate Cabinet members with a clear identification of the business need and how the tool/service is an essential requirement in carrying out job responsibilities. Any additional coverage beyond a basic cell phone plan must be justified in the request. The Cabinet member must secure approval of the President before making a commitment to such services.

  1. These products / services MAY NOT be bought out of departmental budgets without the approval process described above.

  2. If a plan is provided for by the College, the employee will be held responsible for all additional charges on the plan if such overages were caused by personal use.

  3. The support for integration of PDA devices with computers at the College is limited and Administrative Information Services should be consulted before making a related request. Please note that a recommendation by Administrative Information Services staff does not constitute approval of the request. Integration of personally owned devices is not supported.

  4. If the College approves the installation of internet service at home, the employee is responsible for obtaining approval from their Cabinet member for remote access to applications and coordinating with Administrative Information Services to gain such access. Administrative Information Services in no way guarantees the availability of remote access to applications over the internet.