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TO: Bob Jones
FROM: Blackboard
DATE: May 5, 2005
RE: Welcome to Blackboard!

Professor Jones,

Your Blackboard account has been created. The printout from the system is shown below:

User created.
First Name: Bob
Last Name: Jones
Email: JonesB(at)dowling.edu 
Username:  JonesB
Password:  dowling

Your Blackboard course shell has also been created:

Receipt: Success
Course MGT2171-JonesB (MGT2171-JonesB) has been created with Instructor JonesB.
Course Description: Introduction to TQM.
Guest access is not allowed for this course.
The course is available for access by Student users.

The URL for Blackboard is:


Information on student logins is provided below. Please review these instructions carefully so that you can correctly advise your students on login procedures.

The students will be automatically added to the Blackboard course based on the CRN given to us by the Dowling Institute. If they are already registered, they will show up by the end of the day today.

Our Dowling tech web pages have several documents that you may find helpful in getting started with Blackboard. Please see:


For further training on using the Blackboard system, please contact the Office of Instructional Technology Support Services at 631-244-3157 or email Tim Kelly at kellyt(at)dowling.edu

We hope you enjoy your Blackboard course. Have a great semester!


The Blackboard Team

Student account USERNAMES have the format:

first 4 letters of the last name followed by the last 4 digits of the student ID number.
e.g. John Smith with ID 123456789 and birth date 07/04/76 has username smit6789

Student account PASSWORDS. If the student is relatively new to Dowling (if he or she enrolled for the first time in 2004 or later) and logging onto Blackboard for the first time, his or her password is:

the first 5 digits of his or her student ID number + his or her birth date in MM/DD/YY format (total of 11 digits)
e.g. John Smith's password from the previous example would be 12345070476

If the student has been at Dowling for at least two previous semesters and/or has logged onto Blackboard earlier, he or she should continue using his or her old username and password.

The old format for usernames and passwords was exactly the same, minus the 6 digit birthday at the end of the password. If the studentís login fails, he or she should try leaving off the birthday in the password and just using the first five numbers of his or her SSN.

Sometimes this magic formula breaks if:

a. The student has a new last name due to marriage
b. The student has a new ID number (happens typically to international students)

If this happens, have the student contact us via email at:


The above password information is available to students on our web site at:


Students can find this, and other helpful information by browsing the Technology @ Dowling section of the Current Students section of our web site.