Blackboard "Feeds"

Network Operations Center
Abdul Qureshi - 12/2009

Early every morning Banner sends lists to Blackboard. The lists tell Blackboard:

  • Which faculty teach which classes
  • Who is enrolled in each class

Any changes in a student's enrollment status are reflected in Banner as soon as Registrar enters the information, but are reflected in Blackboard the next morning when Banner "feeds" data to Blackboard. So, registration changes take effect in Blackboard the next day.

It's important to note that a student will "see" a class in Blackboard only if:
  1. Banner says he is enrolled in the class,
  2. The faculty member has made the class "available".

If either condition is false, student will not see the class in Blackboard.

From time to time unusual situations occur. For example, a student may withdraw from a class, then be reinstated. When a student withdraws, a "W" is entered in Banner for that class, and the next day the class is removed from the student's Blackboard screen. The student may re-enroll, but re-enrolling does not change the grade, so the class never shows up again. We must manually change the "feed" data in order to make the class available to the student. We are looking into some adjustments which may automate re-enrollment in this situation. Update: Jeff Stover adjusted the feed so that these exceptions will be caught and fixed automatically. Thanks, Jeff!

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