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Abdul Qureshi - 6/2012

How to export content from old shells:

Note: If you need to export content from "Old Blackboard" (shells from 200809 and earlier) please see this page.

In each new semester for which you are teaching a particular class, you may have content that you want to export from the old shell and import to your new shell. Exporting is explained below. When you have completed exporting your content, follow the link at the bottom of this page to import it into the new shell.

You may also request that the Blackboard Team carry out the process for you. Just complete this form (requires Dowling email/network login).

  1. Browse to and login as usual.

  2. On the My Institution tab, at the right under My Courses, click the class shell you want to export. We will use Tim Kelly's Blackboard Practice Shell as our example.

  3. On the lower left under Control Panel click on the double-arrows to the right of Packages and Utilities.

  4. Next click on Export/Archive Course, the first option.

  5. Click the Export button.

  6. Under item 3 Select Course Materials, check ONLY the boxes checked in this example. Other options may or may not copy correctly to the new shell. You may select fewer boxes than these, but do not select more.

  7. Click the Submit button.

    Blackboard will tell you that your content is in the process of being exported:

    In a few minutes, when the operation has completed, you should receive an email similar to this one below. After receiving the email, return to this screen and click OK at the bottom to continue.

  8. Next click on Export/Archive Course again.

  9. You will now see the the export file. Click on your newly-exported file to save it.

  10. Do NOT click the Open button: make sure you SAVE the file.

  11. It's OK to save in your My Documents folder, which is the default. The filename will begin with "ExportFile". Click the Save button.

  12. Important: check the file size (outlined below in our example). It must NOT exceed 200MB or your import will fail. In our example, we have exported 6.79MB, which is fine.

    Click the Close button to dismiss the message.

  13. Proceed to this page to Import your course content into Blackboard 9.1.

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