Blackboard: Export/Import Content

Network Operations Center
Abdul Qureshi - 12/2008

The issue:

The former Blackboard Basic site contains a great deal of content created over the past six years that the system has been in service. When we created the new site we could not carry over all of that data. But we don't want to lose it, so:

The solution:

  • We will keep the old system accessible until August, 2010.
  • We have provided instructions for exporting course data from the old system. You can save the data anywhere you like - your data is under your control.
  • You can import the exported data into the new Blackboard system while you are preparing to teach a new course.

The details:

We have configured Blackboard Enterprise to integrate with Banner. Early every morning Blackboard imports Banner's lists of students, instructors, course enrollments, and faculty course assignments. All of the changes that occurred today, including students enrolling in a course or faculty being assigned to teach a course, will take effect early tomorrow morning with the Banner imports.

Courses, then, are created on Blackboard the day after Registrar creates the corresponding course CRNs. So you cannot import your content into the new system until the appropriate CRN is created. But you can export your content from the old system any time until August, 2010.

We suggest you export your content from Blackboard as soon as is convenient for you, and save the resulting file on your J: drive so it will be backed up by our backup system. Then you will be able to retrieve the file and import it into Blackboard once the new CRN is created.

Suppose you taught CRN 21234 in Fall, 2008. Export the content from 21234 and save it to your J: drive. This Spring Registrar will create a new CRN for the same course for Fall, 2009. Since you exported your course content from your Fall, 2008 course, in the Spring you will be able to import it into the newly-created Fall, 2009 CRN.

Instructions for exporting course content are at

Instructions for importing course content are at

The Faculty Guide to Blackboard is at

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