Blackboard Enterprise

Network Operations Center
Abdul Qureshi - 12/2008

New Procedures for Blackboard Effective December 27, 2008

What you need to know:
  • Logging in:
    • Use your Dowling Email username & password.
    • Students can reset their passwords by visiting Student & Faculty password reset can also be done by the Help Desk (x3445) or Academic Computing (x3301 or x3360).
  • Accessing courses:
    • CLEAN SLATE: no shells will be moved from old to new Blackboard. Old shells can be accessed here.
    • Blackboard Team can copy content from an old shell to a new shell on request here. Or you can export/import your content, following the instructions here.
    • A new shell is automatically created for every course. No shells will be recycled.
    • All instructors are automatically assigned to their classes.
    • All students are automatically enrolled into all their classes.
    • Classes become available (visible) to students ONLY when instructor makes them available.
    • Course shell size is limited to 200 MB.
  • More:
    • Faculty still use BannerWeb to submit grades. Submitting grades from Blackboard is not implemented.
    • Students are never removed from a class:
      1. If a student drops a class, the next day the class becomes invisible to the student.
      2. Once a student's grades are submitted, the class becomes invisible to the student.
      3. Six weeks after the end of the semester, the class automatically becomes invisible (unavailable) to ALL students.
    • New "Dowling-brand" look of shells by default.
    • Can now use Building Blocks to add features to Blackboard. Visit Blackboard Building Blocks for details.

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