Blackboard 9.1

Network Operations Center
Abdul Qureshi - 6/2012

How to make a course shell available to students:

Blackboard shells are invisible to students until the instructor makes them available. Here's how to make shells available to your students:

  1. Login to Blackboard using your Dowling email/network username and password.
  2. Under My Courses on the right side of the window, notice that Blackboard says your course is unavailable. Click the course you want to make available.

  3. On the lower left under Control Panel click on the double-arrows to the right of Customization.

  4. Next click on Properties, the second option.

  5. Scroll down until your reach Set Availability, item #3.

  6. Next to Make Course Available click the Yes button.

  7. Now scroll all the way down and click the Submit button, lower-right.

  8. Blackboard reports its success at the top of the screen:

  9. Click the My Institution tab at the top left.

  10. Notice that, under My Courses, your course no longer says "unavailable".

You will need to follow this procedure for each of your courses that you want students to access.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Blackboard team by filling out the Blackboard Feedback Form.

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