Faculty, Staff and Administrative Accounts

Network Operations Center -- 12/2008

On the Dowling networks there are two username/password combinations that you may need to maintain, depending on your duties:

  1. Network/e-mail/BannerWeb/Blackboard
  2. Banner

By logging in to any Dowling computer system, you agree to abide by the Dowling College Policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources.

Network, e-mail, Blackboard, BannerWeb:

Upon employment at the College, every employee receives a username and password that allows access to the Dowling computing infrastructure, including your desktop PC. Your username and password is like a key to your home; keep it in your possession alone, do not share it with anyone. You are responsible for any activity that emanates from your account.

To use your desktop PC, your Dowling e-mail account, BannerWeb, Blackboard (if you are teaching or taking classes) or the PCs in the Library or the Academic Computing Labs, you will need to login. Network, e-mail, Blackboard and BannerWeb accounts are linked: if you change the password on one, the others change automatically, immediately.

Instructions for changing your email/network password: http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/Tech/pwd-change.html.

Your username and initial password are assigned by Administrative Information Services upon notification by Human Resources. New employees, including full- and part-time faculty, will usually obtain their username and password from their department. You may also contact the Help Desk at x3445. The process is described in detail here.

We advise you to change your password immediately after logging in, and at least every quarter thereafter. The network will require you to change your password at least twice a year. A good, secure password is essential to the security of our computing resources. Read more about passwords at http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/Tech/good-passwords.html


Since the Banner system houses all of our student records, our financial aid information, the College's financial records and many other crucial data collections, security is especially important here.

  • While BannerWeb access is granted automatically, your department must make a separate request for Banner access for you. Access to network and BannerWeb does not authorize you for Banner access. Complete the form at https://my.dowling.edu/intranet/forms/general/banner.pdf and forward it via interoffice mail to the Help Desk in Fortunoff 032. Note: you need to login with your network username and password in order to access this form.
  • You will be granted access only to the sections of Banner authorized by your department head, who must sign the form, and only to the degree required for your work.
  • You MUST change your password immediately after logging in, and at least every semester thereafter. See Changing Your Banner Password for step-by-step instructions.

Your Banner username usually matches your network/email username, but the password must be maintained separately.


At the Blackboard site your username and password match those for e-mail, network, and BannerWeb as described above (effective 12/27/2008), and they are linked so they automatically synchronize.

Class shells are setup automatically for each class CRN, and populated nightly with class rosters fetched from Banner. Faculty who choose to use Blackboard must follow a simple procedure to make each class "available" to students: browse to http://blackboard.dowling.edu and follow the link named Read detailed instructions. If you need assistance, please speak to the folks in Instructional Technology Resources at x3157.

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