Network and E-mail Account Management Procedures
8/23/05, Network Operations Center

All employees of Dowling, including faculty, staff and administrators, are granted network and e-mail accounts according to the process described below. The process of creating employee network, e-mail and student records system accounts is separate and different from granting access for employees to Banner, so please read the instructions carefully.

New Employee, Terminated Employee, Change of Status:

  • Human Resources completes a form announcing new employee, terminated employee or change of status. Form indicates full name, department, title, phone, person to whom employee reports, and what action to take.
  • Form is emailed to a list of people with "need to know" including Administrative I.S.
  • Administrative I.S. forwards to Telecommunications, Help Desk and Banner Support.
  • Telecommunications creates or reassigns phone lines and voicemail privileges, as appropriate.
  • Help Desk:
    • Creates user account, including e-mail,
    • Notifies Responsibility Center Head or designee of userid and password, and where online to get further info.
  • Banner Support waits for a paper form with proper authorization before creating a Banner account. The email notification serves as a "heads-up" to watch for the form.

Banner access for new employee:

  • Department prints form at
  • Department obtains the appropriate approval signatures
  • Department delivers completed, signed form to Help Desk (interoffice)
  • Help Desk adds user to Banner group to deliver program icon
  • Help Desk forwards form to Banner Support
  • Banner Support creates account
  • Banner Support notifies user, and all signers of form, via e-mail and/or voicemail
  • Jeff files form.

Twice-yearly mass cleanup for staff, admin, and (full-time and adjunct) faculty:

  • 3 weeks into Fall and Spring semesters, Admin IS lists accounts to be deleted and forwards to H.R. for review. Final list is shared with Banner Support for Banner deletions.
  • 4 weeks into semester Admin IS sends e-mail to affected accounts warning of impending deletion. Repeat at 5 weeks.
  • 6 weeks into semester Admin IS deletes listed Banner, e-mail and network accounts.