Michael Sakuma

Michael Sakuma
Associate Professor



Michael Sakuma has a duel bachelor’s degree in history and psychology from Stony Brook University, a master’s degree in neuroanatomy and a doctorate in biological psychology also from Stony Brook University.  After graduation, he respecialized his area of psychology at Columbia University- Teacher’s College, and is a licensed clinical psychologist.

He has taught psychology for over 15 years both at the undergraduate and graduate level in New York and Washington State.  In his clinical practice he works from the integrative model- combining cognitive behavioral/psychodynamic and humanistic schools of therapy.

Research interests include neurotherapy as treatment for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mindfulness for health and happiness as well as understanding people’s sometimes conflicting attitudes towards food, health and non-human animals.

Teaching, clinical work, research and personal life all come together in his hopes that people can become more consciously aware of their thoughts and actions to understand the impact on their lives, the earth and its inhabitants.

  • PSY 3112 Theories of Personality (in class/online)
  • PSY 3140 Abnormal Psychology (in class/online)
  • PSY 3165 Physiological Psychology (in class/online)
  • PSY 2135 Tests and Measurement in Psychology (online)
  • PSY 2120 Social Psychology (in class/online)
  • PSY 4180 Problems of Human Disconnection (in class)
  • PSY 3171 Research Methods in Psychology (in class)
  • PSY 1001 Introduction to psychology (in class)