MS Educational Technology Leadership Course Description

The Masters Degree program in Educational Technology Leadership is an innovative program designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles in improving teaching and learning through the application of educational technologies used in

  • K-12 schools,
  • higher education institutions,
  • corporations, organizations, associations, governments and foundations.

The mission of the Educational Technology Leadership program is to serve current and future leaders in the United States and in the international community by offering superior learning opportunities in educational technologies and leadership, as well as engaging in scholarly activities to advance knowledge and practice in the utilization of educational technologies.

Format: All courses (except the practicum) are offered at a distance and are delivered entirely via the Internet.

Program of Study

The Master’s Degree consists of 36 semester hours of graduate study. The 36 credits are broken down into the following required and elective courses:

Required Courses (27 credits)

EDE 8701- Educational Administration

EDE 8741 – Computers for the Educational Administrator

EDE 6621- Integrating Technology into Curriculum

EDE 6625 – Educational Web-based Design

EDE 8722 – Supervision of the Instruction

EDE 6612 – Educational Software & Apps Evaluation

EDE 6698 – Seminar in Educational Technology Research

EDE 7669 – Education Technology Practicum – 6 credits (with an option to take the practicum onsite at Dowling College, which is a two week intensive training)

Electives – 9 Credits from

If Interested in the New York Educational Technology Specialist in the future

  • EDE 6631 – Emerging Technologies for Diverse Classroom
  • EDE 6632 – Educational Technology for English Language Learners
  •  EDE 6633 – E-Learning

If interested in the New York School Building Certificate in the future

  • EDE 8736 – Special Education Administrator
  • EDE 8731 – Educational Research
  • EDE 8732 — Curriculum Development


Additional Options: After the Masters is completed the student can opt:

New York Advanced Certificate in School Building Leader

Please note that entries into any advanced certificate programs in educational administration must have a minimum of three years of approved teaching experience, a permanent certification and have completed a Master’s degree.

  •  EDE 8711 School Law
  • EDE 8738 Public School finance and Budget
  • EDE 8791 Internship


  • New York Educational Technology Specialist
  • EDE 5611 Computer Awareness for Teachers
  • EDE 6634 Educational Website Design and Administration
  • EDE 6635Curriculum Development and Instructional Design