Marcus Tye

Marcus Tye
Full Professor of Psychology & Psychology Department Chair



I’m a licensed clinical psychologist who focuses on human sexuality as well as law and psychology. My quantitative research has included the role of privileged communication (confidentiality) in psychotherapy, children’s memory, and credibility assessment, and my scholarly writing has included gender and sexuality and LGBT issues in psychology. I’m author of a textbook on human sexuality emphasizing cultural diversity, it’s been adopted by faculty from community colleges to Ivy Leagues. This reflects a career emphasis on student learning as well as my teaching philosophy: a commitment to excellence that is student-focused, accessible and interesting for students of all backgrounds and levels of preparation.

  • PSY 1001A General Psychology
  • PSY 2135A Psychological Testing
  • PSY 2150A Interpersonal Adjustment
  • PSY 3103C Origins of Human Nature
  • PSY 3104C Construction of Personal Identity
  • PSY 3105C Cultural Diversity, Social Cognition, & Behavior
  • PSY 3330A Counseling of Aging & Families
  • PSY 3140C Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 4177C Seminar: Human Sexuality
  • PSY 4178A Forensic Psychology & Law
  • PSY 4179A Health Psychology
  • PSY 4190A Independent Study Psychology
  • PSY 4195N Internship in Clinical Psychology
  • PSY 4198N Internship in Applied Psychology
  • ASC4148C Psychology in Film