Midterm Roster & Midterm Grades

As the Office of the Registrar must record and report that all midterm rosters were reviewed by faculty, please complete the midterm roster submission process, either online or in person.

If you elect to submit midterm rosters on line, you do not have to sign and return them to the Registrar’s Office!!

If you choose NOT to submit midterm rosters on line, please sign and return all rosters to the Registrar’s Office.


Midterm Roster Process / Midterm Grades

Use this option to confirm the roster you received is a complete and accurate listing of students in attendance. You may CLICK HERE TO NOTIFY THE REGISTRAR

Use this option if you have a course in which students have  never attended the course. CLICK HERE TO ENTER MIDTERM WARNING GRADES.

Midterm Warning Grades:

(Never Attended)
Y (Excessive Abscences)

Use this option only if you need to notify the Office of Registrar of students attending your course without being OFFICIALLY REGISTERED (name did not appear on your midterm roster). You may CLICK HERE FOR STUDENTS ATTENDING WITHOUT REGISTERING.