Guannan Li

Guannan Li
Assistant Professor



Dr. Guannan Li graduated from Peking University as an undergraduate with a broad training in history, philosophy, and literature. His Ph.D. dissertation from the University of Oregon explores the Guomindang ideology of “national revival” and its social implementations in the 1930s.Currently, Dr. Li is working on a book manuscript that is based on his Ph.D. dissertation.  Prior to Dowling, Dr. Li also taught at University of Rochester and Syracuse University. Dr. Li also serves as Correspondent Editor for China Scholarship (Zhongguo xueshu) , one of the leading peer-reviewed journals of Asian studies in China.

  • HST 1001C World History I
  • HST 1002C World History II
  • HST 1051C East Asian Civilization I
  • HST 2052C East Asian Civilization II
  • HST 3153A Modern China in Transformation
  • HST 3154A Modern Japan
  • HST 4182A Mao Zedong and Chinese Revolution