Help Us Find Alumni Leaders

In Search of Alumni Leaders

In almost every case, the most successful small colleges got that way in large part because of distinguished and accomplished alumni who played an instrumental role in the oversight and forwarding of the institution.  At New York University, those alumni included the Tisch brothers of Lowes Corporation and Norman Stern, owner of Hartz Mountain products.  With other like alumni, they built NYU into the most sought-after higher education institution in America, if measured by the number of applications received annually.  During my decade-and-a-half at Wagner College on Staten Island, alumni leaders like Don Spiro, founding Chairman of OppenheimerFunds and Bob O’Brien, CEO of Credit Suisse First Boston led Wagner from a bottom tier college to a TIME magazine College of the Year.  While Dowling has not been without such alumni leadership, most notably Scott Rudolph for whom the Oakdale campus is named, the College very much needs to locate a new generation of leaders who can help catapult Dowling to the next level.  Since arriving as President last summer, I have been on the look out for such prospects and would greatly appreciate your help in identifying classmates you know whose success and stature give them the wherewithal to take oversight of the torch.  Such people are usually very busy with demands on their time that already exceed their wherewithal.  Thus, they are not always inclined to make themselves known.  So, I am calling upon all alumni to survey their network of classmates in search of such accomplished leaders.  If you know of anyone, I would welcome hearing directly from you at  Your referral could be key to a great future for Dowling.