College Funded Grants

Dowling College is dedicated to assisting students with the cost of college who wish to complete their degree.

What is a grant? 
A grant is a form of financial aid often referred to as gift aid since it does not require repayment.

Who is eligible?
All undergraduate students who file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are automatically considered for all College need based grants. Dowling College makes every effort to renew financial grants, provided students file their FAFSA on an annual basis by March 1, continue to demonstrate financial need and continue to meet all other college requirements for financial aid.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Grants will be granted per academic year.
  2. The grant funds may only be applied to tuition, fees and residence hall, after all federal, state and outside sponsored grants and scholarships are applied to tuition and fees.
  3. There will be no restrictions based upon age, race, creed, or sex.
  4. Grant funds are non-refundable to the student. If a student’s enrollment is canceled or the student withdraws or otherwise terminates his/her attendance at the school, the funds will be returned to the grant fund.
  5. Grant recipients must be continuously enrolled full-time, maintain full-time status through out the semester, maintain a minimum of 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress each semester to remain eligible for the grant.
  6. Dowling College makes a limited amount of money available each semester and each year. When funds are depleted, grant availability no longer exists.
  7. Furthermore, Dowling College reserves the right to change eligibility criteria without prior notice.

Dowling College funded grants can not be combined with the following grants and sponsorships:

  • Local 153 Sponsorships
  • Public Service Grants
  • Alumni/Employee Sponsorships
  • Tuition Waiver Certificates