FAFSA on the Web:
Check out FAFSA on the Web to apply online for Student Financial Aid! You can use a Macintosh, IBM-compatible or UNIX computer to access these applications and send your application information to the Federal Department of Education. This online process saves time and provides instant editing of your aid application.

Your Federal FSA ID

Your Federal FSA ID is your identifier enabling you to access personal information in various U.S. Department of Education systems including applying for Federal Student Aid. You can request a FSA ID, a replacement FSA ID or update your FSA ID mailing address at www.fsaid.ed.gov.

Your FSA ID can be used to:

  • Gain access to FAFSA/ Renewal FAFSA on the Web
  • Use the FSA ID as an electronic signature to sign the FAFSA or obtain a copy of your FAFSA information
  • Make online corrections to your FAFSA
  • Review your online loan and grant history on the National Student Loan Data System

Important Note:

Because your Federal FSA ID serves as your electronic signature, you should not give your FSA ID to anyone. Please keep your FSA ID in a secure location, the FSA ID will be required each year you submit your FAFSA form.


File for Financial Aid – Priority Deadline March 1, 2016
If you are applying for financial aid in the 2016-2017 academic year, you must complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form immediately. If you require further information, please go to www.FAFSA.gov, or call 1 (800) 4-FED-AID.

Title IV School Code Dowling College’s financial aid code is: 002667

Review Your Financial Aid Status Online:Accepted and enrolled students can check the status of their Financial Aid at Dowling College 24/7.

  • Check disbursements to your student account
  • Complete a tuition deferment
  • Make payments to Dowling College