Payment Plan

Dowling College is pleased to offer a payment plan to assist those students and families who would like to spread out their payment of tuition and fees over several months. There is an enrollment fee each semester. The payment plan is a written contract between the student and Dowling College. There is no interest charged on timely payments and your payments are made directly to the college. There is no penalty if payment is made in full early.

Credit Card authorization is required when you enroll in the Monthly Installment Plan. You are authorizing the College to charge a designated credit card on a monthly basis. Debit Cards with a credit card logo are also accepted.

To enroll in the Tuition Repayment Plan, stop by the Office of the Bursar, located in  Fortunoff Hall, room 101. where the bursar staff will assist you in calculating your payment schedule. You may also download the contract below and submit to us by mail along with your required payment to Dowling College, Office of the Bursar, 150 Idle Hour Boulevard, Oakdale, New York, 11769.
Download printable Dowling College Tuition Repayment Agreement(file size=345k)

You will need to view or print this form in Portable Document Format (PDF). You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 to use the fillable features of this form.

Financial Aid

If you have been awarded financial aid, loans, scholarships, etc., we will take into account that amount and set up your plan for only the difference that you are required to pay. Changes in enrollment status, (i.e. adding a course) may affect the amount of your bill. Therefore, if your tuition, fees or financial aid change, you are responsible to adjust your payment schedule by notifying the Office of the Bursar at


  • Payments must be received by the Office of the Bursar on or before the first of each month.
  • Credit Card payments that are declined or not accepted at the time of processing will be considered a late payment and subject to a $50 late fee. There will be a late fee for each payment that is received late. Should you miss two payments during the semester, your payment plan will be automatically voided and the full amount of your bill, including late fees, will be due immediately.
  • No grades or transcripts will be released to students with outstanding balances.
  • There will be a fee of $50.00 for check payments returned from the bank.
  • The final monthly payment will be charged for the remaining balance on a student account whether it is more or less than the agreed upon installment amounts.