Medical Withdrawal Policy

A medical withdrawal request may be made in extraordinary cases in which serious illness or injury prevents a student from continuing their classes.

The student must provide the College with a written request for withdrawal describing the medical reason for the withdrawal.  Additionally, the student must explain how the illness or condition affected their ability to maintain their status as a student at the College and why withdrawing from courses through the regular process was not an option for them.

The student must also provide the College with a letter from their treating Medical Doctor, recommending a withdrawal from the College for medical reasons.  This letter must state the specific rationale for the recommendation, including why the illness or condition prevented the student from maintaining their status as a student.  The letter must be on the physician’s stationery, and include the date of the onset of the illness or condition.  A statement recommending withdrawal without the supporting rationale will not be considered.

If a Medical Withdrawal is approved, all grades for that semester are converted to W’s and these grades will appear on the student’s transcript. Additionally, tuition for the semester in question will be waived; however, a medical withdrawal does not dismiss the student from their entire financial obligation to the College.  The student will still be responsible for College fees, housing costs, any outstanding fines, and repayment for financial aid if mandated by the Federal Government.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Education does not recognize a “Medical Withdrawal” and a regular withdrawal as separate circumstances.  If a student who has received financial aid withdraws before completing 60% of the semester (whether for health reasons or no), the Department requires the financial aid office to perform a Return to Title IV calculation to determine what financial aid needs to be returned to the Federal Government.

To register for future semesters, the student may be asked provide the College with a letter from their physician releasing the student to return to the College.  Please give strong consideration to whether you are healthy enough to return to school as a future medical withdrawal for the same or similar reason will not be granted.

Definition of MW
A medical withdrawal is a request made after the student has officially withdrawn from the semester.  It only applies to the student with the medical issue and when granted, still maintains a certain financial liability

What constitutes a MW

  • Extraordinary cases in which serious illness or injury prevents a student from continuing their classes
  • Petition for a MW must be submitted during the semester for which the student is withdrawing, they cannot be granted retroactively.

What a student needs to do

  • Must submit a written request to be considered for MW (after officially withdrawing)
    • explain how the illness or condition affects his or her ability to maintain their status as a student
  • Must provide supporting documentation.

What are supporting documents?

  • Letter from treating medical doctor (on letterhead) giving specific rationale as to why the condition prevents the student from continuing their studies. (a note on a prescription pad is not acceptable)
  • Accident report, hospital stay
  • Documents must be date specific.