Billing and Collections Policy


By registering for classes, you (the student) entered into a legally-binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any non-refundable fees.  Payment is due four weeks prior to term begin date for summer, fall and spring.

Students unable to pay on time may elect to enroll in the College’s automatic payment plan that allows payment to be made throughout the semester.

Registration for subsequent semesters is not allowed if a student has a balance owing over $500.  Students on payment plans covering the current academic year may register regardless of their balance owing if they have not defaulted on payments previously due.

Official transcripts will be withheld due to an outstanding account balance greater $1.00 whether the student is on payment plan or not.  Grades may be withheld as well due to outstanding account balances. Special circumstances may be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Students who have not completed exit for perkins are denied official transcripts and registration.

Current term payment:

Your student account payment is due in full to the college by the billing due dates for the current term.  The amount due is a bill, not a loan; you cannot defer payment.  Your summer term is due with the first billing due date.

If you are student with an employer or third party reimbursement agreement, do not wait to pay your college bill until you have received your reimbursement for a class.  You are responsible to pay all of your student account charges in full by the due dates, regardless of whether or not your employer will cover those costs.  You need to submit a letter from your employer explaining the amount that the company will pay.  We will then defer the amount not covered by company; the remaining portion needs to be paid to us in order for us to defer remaining balance.

Pay current term charges by one of the following methods:

Student  Financial Services Fortunoff 105

If you are going to be late on your payment or need help with your plan, please immediately contact a One Stop support staff to discuss possible options.

Failure to pay on time:

If you do not pay your bill on time, you will be assessed late and installment fees and a past due balance hold will be placed on your account before the current term is complete that will prevent further registration.   You must speak with a One Stop support staff to resolve any past due balances and to have the hold removed.

Past-due payment:

Your past-due student balance must be paid as soon as possible.  You are responsible for all late and re-billing fees assessed to your account while it remains past due. Be aware that you cannot set up a payment plan for the current term’s charges, when you are already on an installment and it is past due. You can make your payments following these guidelines:

Collection Status:

Your account will be placed into collection status if you fail to pay total balance by the due date on the third billing statement in the current term. You are responsible for all attorney’s fees, court costs, agency commissions, and other assessments incurred to collect your unpaid account balance.


If you make payments for less than the agreed upon amount without prior consultation with the office of the Bursar , you could be considered in default.

  • Default means that you have stopped making monthly payments on time per your agreement with the College.
  • Missing one payment could result in default.
  • All attorney’s fees, collections costs, late fees, installments fees, court costs, collection agency commissions and other collection costs will be reinstated.
  • Your account could be sent to an outside collection agency and credit reporting agencies notified of your default status.