Additional Payment Options

Monthly Installment Plan
Dowling College is happy to offer a payment plan to assist students who would like to spread out their payment of tuition, fees and housing expenses over several months. The payment plan is a written agreement between you and Dowling College. There is no interest charged and your payments are made directly to the College. There is an enrollment fee for this plan and an agreement must be signed for each semester you choose to participate in the monthly payment plan.

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Dowling College Employer Sponsored Tuition Repayment Plan
Students who receive reimbursement from their employers may use the Employer Sponsored Tuition Repayment Plan to defer the cost of their tuition. At the time of registration, all participants in this program are required to pay a service charge for the deferment and any charges not covered by the employer’s tuition reimbursement plan. The student may only defer the amount of the charges the employer has agreed to pay. The deferment will remain in effect four weeks after the last day of classes for the term indicated on the agreement. An authorization of a major credit card must be submitted along with the completed and signed Repayment Agreement.

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Employer Voucher Plan
Vouchers must be submitted at the time of registration. If voucher is not submitted by the bill due date, the student will need to make payment arrangements with the Bursar’s Office.

Tuition Waiver Certificates
Cooperating teachers who participate in the Student Teacher Program for Dowling College may be eligible for a waiver up to three credits.  A combination of Tuition Waiver Certificates may be applied to a combination of courses up to a maximum of six credits.  Awarded credit hours are based on the weighted average of tuition charged for the semester.  Tuition Waivers will be accepted until the first day of class along with payment for the remaining balance due, if any.  There will be no exceptions.

We accept for payment American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, cash, check and money orders. It is the College policy to write the student’s ID number on the face of the check or money order to ensure accurate posting. By submitting a check, please be aware that you are authorizing Dowling College to use information on your check to make a one time electronic debit from your account at the financial institution indicated on your check. This electronic debit will be for the amount on the check; no additional amount will be added to the check amount.

Any student who has an outstanding balance due the College is officially given notice that the College will withhold granting degrees and issuing grades, discontinue the release of official transcripts and academic records and not allow future tuition payment arrangements until all balances are paid in full.