Collaborative Student Assistance Exchange

Dowling College is home to many unique populations that require extra academic support.  The purpose of this web page is to provide administration, faculty, staff, and the community with a conduit to student support entities.  These support entities are responsible for monitoring student academic achievement, facilitating academic testing accommodations, providing psychological counseling support, collaborating within the campus system, and acting as a “bridge” between faculty and students.   The goal is the collaboration and exchange of ideas and concerns between faculty, administration, staff, and community in order to better support and assist them with working with our students.

Dowling College Support Entities: Click on links below to receive a detailed description of each program.

Administration, Faculty, and Staff Support Professional Development Training Modules: Coming  Soon

  • Academic Testing Accommodations
  • Counseling and Wellness Center
  • International Students
  • Students with Disabilities Support
  • Veterans Support Center
  • Professional Development Archives

Faculty/Support Service Communication Forms: Click on links below to fill out and submit to campus support entities.

  • Early Intervention Survey
  • Midterm Progress Reports
  • Professional Development Assessment Form
  • Email Corresepondence