Faculty & Advisement Center \ When to Use W, WF, F, and I Grades

W (Withdrawal in Good Standing) and WF (Withdrawal Failing)

  • W and WF grades should be reported on the mid-term grade roster and/or final grade roster when a student withdraws from a course.
  • The instructor, based on the student’s work to that time, will determine the grade of W or WF.
  • Students who leave a course without filing the appropriate form with the Registrar’s Office or Student Services, and have not been doing passing work, should receive a grade of WF. Grades of WF will be included in the computation of the student’s grade point average.
  • For any W or WF grade submitted, a Last Date of Attendance MUST be included. *

* Special NoteOne of the reasons last dates of attendance are so important is because students who receive financial aid and withdraw from their courses may be subject to an adjustment in aid based on the date provided. If audited, the College could be asked to demonstrate that financial aid was disbursed accurately and in accordance with federal regulations concerning attendance.

F (Fail)

  • To be used in instances where a student was actively enrolled and regularly attended class, but has earned a failing grade for the required course work. *

* Special NoteStudents who receive financial aid and receive F grades are eligible to keep their aid since an F confirms that the student did not withdraw. Therefore, it is crucial that the College remain consistent in the practice of only submitting F grades for those students who were actively enrolled and regularly attended class, but failed the course work required.

I (Incomplete)

  • To be used in instances where a student has attended for the ENTIRE SEMESTER and who has otherwise been doing passing work but is prevented from completing the work of the course due to extenuating or circumstances beyond his or her control. At the time the incomplete grade is submitted to the Registrar, the instructor must submit a description of the academic work necessary for completion of the course. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that if the incomplete grade has not been converted to a passing or failing grade by the instructor within six weeks after the beginning of the next regular term (i.e., Fall or Spring), the incomplete grade becomes an F.