Dr. Tye presents: Gender and Sexual Fluidity in the age of Tinder, an Illustrated Lecture

Dowling College’s department chair and professor of Psychology, Dr. Marcus Tye, will be speaking at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York City on October 15th from 8-10, Resurrecting Kinsey: Gender and Sexual Fluidity in the age of Tinder, an Illustrated Lecture

Alfred Kinsey pioneered the modern study of sexual behavior. The Kinsey Scale once defined sexual orientation but fell out of favor, replaced by a categorical model (gay, straight, bi). Sexual fluidity is again headlining the news. In this evening’s talk, Dr. Tye will explore how the science of sexual orientation relates to the biology of gender identity, and how this data fits with theories of fluidity from social constructionism and gender studies.

We’ll crisscross time considering the enduring relevance of Kinsey’s work, touching on sensitive topics both old and new, including: Tinder, tea rooms, Ashley Madison, and sex panics from the Comics Code Authority of 1954 to today’s imprisoning of sexting teens and middle aged Manga collectors.

Dr. Tye is also the Director of Clinical Operations for PsyVIP, and author of, Sexuality and Our Diversity: Integrating Culture with the Biopsychoscial, a textbook on human sexuality used in universities across the country (published by Flat World Knowledge, 2013, second edition coming 2016).

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