Dr. Manley Represents Dowling College at the White House

On April 13, 2016, Dr. Robert Manley, Dean of the School of Education, represented Dowling College at the White House Convening for educators who educate children of military personnel. Dr. Jill Biden and the Office of Vice President Joseph Biden hosted the conference at the White House Executive Offices. College representatives from every state received personal invitations and heard panelists discuss the needs of school age children of active military personnel attending public schools in the United States. At least 1.6 million children of military personnel attend public schools annually and during their 13 years will experience a transfer to another school 6 to 9 times.

Dr. Jill Biden asked Colleges and Schools of Education to do three things to support children of military personnel:

  1. Encourage research regarding the special needs of the children of military personnel especially among doctoral students.
  2.  Prepare student teachers and perspective school leaders to understand the needs of children of military personnel.
  3. Conduct in-service professional development programs for teachers and school personnel regarding supporting children of military personnel.

Dr. Biden and the Military Child Education Coalition provided each attendee with a series of 4 books providing guidance to support children of military personnel written by Ron Avi Astor, Linda Jacobson and Rami Benbenishty.

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