Dr. John Cottone Gives Talk on His New Book: Z-Score

Dr. John Cottone, an alumnus of Dowling class of 1997, gave a talk on his new book: Z-Score: How a Statistic Used in Psychology Will Revolutionize Baseball to 40 people in the Dowling College library. The z-score is a statistic used in psychology that Dr. Cottone applies to sports statistics, enabling fans to compare players across different eras of the game, controlling for smaller ballparks, steroid use, ‘juiced’ balls, and other changes to the national pastime throughout history. Among other things, the audience learned that when z-scores are applied to baseball statistics, one of the most impressive achievements in baseball history was Babe Ruth’s 29 home runs in 1919 – a feat that most baseball fans previously did not recognize as significant. Dr. Cottone plans to present his data to officials from the National Baseball Hall of Fame at the Cooperstown Symposium in June of 2016.




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