Dowling’s 5th Annual Conatus Conference

On Monday, April 22, Conatus: The Academic Journal of Dowling College sponsored its fifth annual conference.  Conatus annually publishes some of the finest undergraduate research done by Dowling students, and the conference is an opportunity for the authors to present and defend their work in a scholarly setting and to an audience of faculty, family, friends, and students. This year’s conference included presentations by Matthew Clareen, Lars Fitzgerald, Nicolette Galante, Alison King, Ross Slotnick, and Raffaele Vesia. Presentations ranged from explorations of the historical transformation of geishas to debates about immigration assimilation to literary and psychological analyses of The Walking Dead and Sherlock Holmes, to research into parasites and  the impact of arsenic poisoning on fetal development. The  fifth issue will be published sometime during the summer and will be available on the Dowling College library website.

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