Personal Growth Programs

Personal Growth Programs

Below is a sampling of what we offer through our Continuing Education program:

Defensive Driving
In this 6-hour classroom course, approved by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, you will learn the safety techniques needed to make you a smarter and safer driver. You will save 10% on auto insurance liability and collision premiums for three years. Discount applies to all vehicles on which you are listed as the principle driver. Also, a 4-point reduction will be applicable toward violations received 18 months prior to completing the course

Introduction to Golf
Our golf professional will teach you the necessary skills to improve your game in order to gain maximum benefit from your personal practice time. Participants receive complete long and short game instruction in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Emphasis will be on building a swing with sound fundamentals (grip, posture, alignment), developing playing strategies and becoming familiar with the rules of the game. Each student’s swing will be video taped and analyzed by the instructor. Although this course is for beginners, all levels are welcome. Students should feel free to bring their own clubs; otherwise the instructor will provide the equipment. All sessions will be held off campus at a driving range.

Rejoice in your feminine self through this ancient art form. Learn the basics of Mid-Eastern dance while working every part of your body as you exercise through ribcage and hip isolations, arm and head movements, traveling steps, belly rolls, shimmies and body rolls. A short dance will be taught. Please wear leotards or loose fitting clothes, non-slip socks or slippers.

How To Sell Items Using EBAY
Turn your household items into cash by selling it on Ebay, one of the nations largest on-line auction houses. This class is designed to teach you all of the steps required to list and sell items on eBay including: authorization number set-up, uploading photographs, information to include in your item description, settling your auction, correspondence, shipping arrangements, pricing, choosing an item’s category and feedback. This course includes a take home step-by-step guide covering pertinent class topics and sample auctions from beginning to end. Items virtually sell themselves; sit back and enjoy the second income!