Our Partners

Our Partners

LI Works
Long Island WorksThrough our partnership with LI Works, Dowling College is committed to helping Dowling students become part of the educated workforce on Long Island. The LI Works partnership offers Dowling College the opportunity to work alongside influential Long Island companies. It provides a collaborative working relationship between employers and the College itself, so that students are better prepared upon graduation. Dowling has worked alongside LI Works to create an Internship Fair for high school and college students to make connections with companies and secure job opportunities in the local area.

Elana Zolfo, V.P. of Corporate Programs and Continuing Education for Dowling College, serves as a Trustee for the Board at Long Island Works. Diane Impagliazzo, Asst. Director of the Dowling Institute, serves on the Regional Advisory Council, the Marketing Initiatives/Communications Committee, Superintendents – College Presidents Committee, Task Force Committee, and the Work Force Builders Committee, as well as the Business Sub-Committee.

Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA) 
HIAThrough the HIA partnership, Dowling College is linked to over 800 companies throughout Long Island. The purpose of this partnership is to meet executives of Long Island companies to provide feedback about the status of business on Long Island, and to provide a place where companies can share their thoughts and concerns about the business environment on Long Island. The goal of this partnership is to help build corporate relationships, provide training and consulting to local business, and serve the business community on Long Island.

Elana Zolfo, V.P. of Corporate Programs and Continuing Education for Dowling College, is a past Vice President of HIA and serves on the Board of Directors at HIA.

Long Island Association (LIA) 
LIADowling serves on the Education Committee for LIA. LIA and Dowling College together are committed to providing the best, affordable education so that Dowling students are well prepared to join the educated workforce of Long Island. As Long Island corporate forces continue to grow, it is important that Dowling create opportunities for students to stay current on the needs of the local business community. Dowling works with local companies through corporate training, which helps guarantee survival of small businesses and large corporations in an ever-changing economical environment.

East Islip/Dowling College School-Business Partnership East Islip/Dowling College School-Business Partnership
This partnership among businesses, educators, parents, community members and the students throughout the East Islip School District, is focused on developing projects that allow students to see a connection between what they learn in school and how it is used in the workplace. Dowling spearheads projects that enable students to see their potential impact on their community. Some projects include High School Career Day, Student Shadow Day, Career Resource Guide for students and community businesses, Mock Town Board Meetings, a student- developed interactive web page for Suffolk Transportation Services, Junior Achievement Projects, as well as guest speakers for all grade levels. Local business volunteers lend their time and expertise to provide East Islip students with insight and appreciation for doing business on Long Island.