Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

In current usage, general management has a dual meaning. In the more abstract sense it refers to those principles of management which underlie the practice of any organization. In the more specific sense, however, general management refers to the direction of the several management functions of specialties. Thus, a divisional manager may be responsible for the control of marketing, finance, industrial relations and so forth.

The 36 credit MBA Program in General Management emphasizes both aspects. There is a rich body of speculative and research literature in managerial theory. Training in this theory offers an excellent preparation for a student who plans to specialize in one area of business after graduation. General management in the specific sense of functional supervision is of value for students who are making their careers in small-or medium-sized businesses throughout the region and who must carry out more than one managerial function during the course of their working day. Learn More

Our M.B.A. in Corporate Finance is a 36-credit program that prepares you to obtain a high-level corporate financial position such as treasurer, comptroller, chief financial officer, or a position as one of their principal assistants.

Through our program, you will learn extensively about the roles and responsibilities of corporate finance professionals as well as what it takes to achieve excellence in financial management and practice. By the time you graduate, you will be ready to apply theory to practice as you encounter real-world corporate financial problems and further develop the skills you need to become a leader.
Earn your degree on your terms.
We understand that you have a busy lifestyle and we want to allow you to earn your M.B.A. in Corporate Finance in a way that’s convenient for you.

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