FLES Graduate Course

This 3-credit graduate course will provide you with the skills and tools to receive certification in the instruction of foreign languages at the elementary school level.

EDH 6325-FLES addresses the needs of certified secondary education teachers of foreign language interested in extending their certification to include the instruction of foreign languages at grades K through 6th.

In order to register for the FLES program, please download the REGISTRATION FORM and NON MATRICULATED APPLICATION. Please return both items completed either by Email, fax, or regular Mail.

Mail to: 150 Idle Hour Blvd, Oakdale, NY 11769
Email to: dowlinginstitute@dowling.edu
Fax to: 631-244-5069

Phone: 631-244-3420


Certification will be granted by the New York State Department of Education upon completion of the graduate course, along with submission of the appropriate application fees.