Dowling College in-service

Dowling College in-service

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Dowling College in-service

The Dowling College in-service Education Program is pleased to present its
Spring and Summer course schedule. Many popular courses in this edition
are repeated by request, all of which supplement the core curriculum and are
cost effective.

The Spring 2013 courses begin on March 25, 2013 and conclude May 31, 2013. Summer session courses begin June 24, 2013 and conclude on August 31, 2013. You may register for courses when you have reviewed these course offerings. Classes are again offered in both online and traditional classroom settings. All of Dowling College’s course offerings directly address current New York State Standards and meet high standards of rigor.

Courses are offered in locations as indicated in each course description.
Please visit for directions. Online courses will be offered using
the Blackboard service. Students who select online courses will receive email
notice from their instructor(s) to begin the online course process.

The Dowling/Legacy in-service Program continues to seek talented
instructors. If you are interested in becoming an in-service instructor, please
contact Dr. John Cassese.

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