Corporate Training & Continuing Education

Corporate Training & Continuing Education

The Dowling Institute conducts educational programs in technical, management, computer skills, customer service and many other areas at certain qualified businesses around the country. By bringing the classroom to our students’ place of work, Dowling eliminates many of the inconveniences of traditional classroom environments.

Our unique training development program helps increase the performance and productivity of your employees, as well as identify key individuals who are ready and motivated to be leaders in your organization.

Our comprehensive program is different from college-level education and unlike any training program you have ever encountered. Experts in each area guide participants to learn and understand business concepts and then help them apply these concepts to improve the organization as a whole. Over 100 hours of individual attention and education are provided in this program. Best of all, it is designed for the specific and emergent needs of your organization. This program is delivered both on site and online to your employees.

The Dowling Institute will even host Continuing Education programs for your employees, such as golf, tennis, and computer training.

Tuition Deferment

We work with our corporate clients to develop tuition schedules that assist employees in financing their educational aspirations, including a full-deferred tuition payment program.

* All college fees associated with tuition are waived for Dowling Institute’s on-site students.


To register, contact us by phone, 631-244-3420; Fax, 631-244-5069, or E-Mail; or attend a Dowling Institute Open House.