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Corporate Training & Continuing Education

The Dowling Institute has teamed with leading corporations around the globe to develop and implement educational and training programs that are conducted at the work site or at Dowling’s Oakdale and Brookhaven campuses. Each program is customized to meet the company’s specific needs and fit the employees’ work schedule. Subject matter may involve technical, managerial and computer skills, or customer service training. The Dowling Institute also works with companies to provide credit programs, in which employees can conveniently earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business, either on-site or at Dowling’s campuses. Numerous continuing education courses for the general community are also offered through the Dowling Institute, including in-service courses for educators, and professional courses leading to certification for work in real estate, financial services, and personal training. Other courses include driver’s education and beginner computer courses, as well as a host of fun, educational programs such as martial arts, swing dancing, and much more.

Professional Development Courses

The Dowling Institute is offering a variety of Professional Development courses in a range of categories. Courses are geared towards growing existing and developing new skills for working professionals. We invite organizations and individuals interested to call 631–244–3422 for more information.

  • Successful Project Management Seminar Dates: TBAThe Seminar is perfect for individuals looking to gain an advantage with employers, expand their knowledge of project management, or build a foundation to begin preparing for the Project Management Professional Exam. The Seminar is intended to familiarize participants with a common project language, an understanding of project leader roles, enhanced planning skills, project budgeting, control and reporting, and project closeout.
  • Six Sigma Quality Improvement Workshops: Dates: TBA Price: $600.00Adopt six sigma quality improvement tools and techniques as a powerful methodology to achieve your strategic goals with minimal investment required. Three popular workshops are currently being offered that will develop attendees as internal experts in utilizing and applying modern management techniques:Implementing Statistical Process Control
    You have collected process data, but now what? It is nearly impossible to control processes-let alone improve them- without the application of statistical tools. Statistical process control may seem intimidating, but it does not have to be. This course will help you understand the powerful statistical tools that are available and be able to use them to make the most of your organizational processes.Learn ways to control processes and thus ensure that they meet established performance criteria. Discover different ways to plot data using control charts that are appropriate to the type of data you want to examine. Understand the different types of control charts. Be able to determine which control charts are most appropriate in which situations and with which kinds of data sets. Concepts are introduced using Minitab 16 and demonstrated with in classroom experiments.Course Objectives:
    • Present methods that facilitate process control and signal situations where processes deviate from established targets
    • Introduce the various types of control charts that are appropriate for specific data sets
    • Learn the pitfalls of working with control charts
    • Use hands-on tools to completely understand the fundamentals SPC

      Applying Design of Experiments (DOE)
    Are you unsure which process variables have an impact on the output of your process? Are there too many variables to address? If so, it is time to consider a computer-aided designed experiment. In this workshop, learn the fundamental concepts of widely used DOE methodologies in a logical and practical sequence. These concepts will help you gather valuable information about how process variables behave and interact with each other for significantly less cost. All concepts are illustrated with classroom experiments and analyzed using Minitab software. Course Objectives:

    • Learn how DOE can be used to characterize or improve processes.
    • Recognize the advantages of experimenting by changing variable settings simultaneously (instead of one at a time)
    • Learn how to screen variables to determine which are indeed factors in your process
    • Learn how to go beyond screening to determine settings for the variables that will produce the best results for the output variable
    • Recognize ways and procedures to reduce the number of experimental trials and still obtain sound results that will help you characterize or improve your process
    • Learn about other DOE methodologies that may be useful to your own applications
    • Learn how DOE thinking can help you avoid spending money on expensive data collection that may not help you understand or improve your processes.

      Introduction to Minitab 16
    Minitab is a comprehensive statistical system that has become a standard tool set for most six sigma quality improvement projects. The software was specifically designed to be user friendly, but yet facilitates many analytical tools of the present day manager. In this workshop we will introduce the student to the Minitab 16 environment and demonstrate how to develop improvement tools. The course is a great primer for anyone interested in six sigma quality improvements. Course Objectives:

    • Learn how to manipulate data and calculate basic statistics
    • Learn how to create Minitab Quality Tools including Pareto Charts and Cause and effect Diagrams
    • Perform a Capability Analysis
    • Learn how to perform regression analysis and ANOVA

    Who Should Attend: Managers and professionals who are engaged in controlling process data to ensure that they meet established targets, or engaged in process improvement activity as well as associated quality, engineering, manufacturing, process, human resource and industrial personnel. The workshop is also valuable for anyone involved in a Lean and/or Six Sigma deployment. Course Materials: Minitab 16 is used throughout the workshop. This course can be given both online, or in KSC Room 102A which has Minitab 16 capability

      For more information contact Dowling Institute at 631–244–3422.
5 Day Workshop: Lean Six Sigma Green BeltDate: TBA Time: TBA $2500.00 Per Person This course integrates both Lean and six Sigma methodologies to help team members select and complete DMAIC projects. The first half of the training covers Lean approaches, leadership and team building, and an introduction to Minitab. The second half develops Six Sigma skills, problem solving, and data driven decision making.Course objectives

  • Define Lean and essential tools for lean management
  • Define waste and the eight categories of waste
  • Explain in general terms the meaning of “Six Sigma” and why it is important
  • Identify the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) approach to problem solving
  • Develop skills for the five DMAIC phases
  • Identify a project and apply new skills to make improvements

Who Should Attend Anyone participating in Lean Six Sigma or process improvement; applicable to staff, supervisors, managers and directors in areas such as healthcare, operations, customer service, engineering and quality assurance

To register for all continuing education courses, please call the Dowling Institute at 631-244-3420

Defensive Driving Sponsored by the American Safety Institute and Approved by the DMV, our online course will allow flexibility to log on and off the program at your convenience. Completely flexible and designed to fit into your schedule! ONLINE Defensive Driving – Go To: / Select the Link: ONLINE Defensive Driving; go to New York First-time Registration, and Enter the Promo Code: DOWLING. You will receive a special $5 discount and pay only $34.95.

Medical Coding Specialist These courses consist of a combination of course download and Internet interaction. These are graded courses and Certificates of Completion are issued with a passing grade. Each course runs for a period of 11 weeks. Cost to access the online material after registering is $64. The coding courses require access to CPT, ICD-9-CM, and  ICD-10-CM codes which can be licensed from SpeedECoder at using your credit card. A list of sources will be supplied to purchase these manuals. List of Courses Register

Driver Education and Traffic Safety Program Are you looking for the skills and practice to pass your road test? Our program is accredited and registered by the New York State Board of Regents. Please print the Driver Education and Traffic Safety Program Registration Form and Parent and Student Consent Form. Please fill out the forms and mail them back to Dowling College, Dowling Institute, Attention Driver Education Department, 150 Idle Hour Blvd, Oakdale, NY 11769

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