Dowling College’s Latino Summit Speaker : Stand and Deliver!

escalanteRecall the movie Stand and Deliver? The movie was based on the life of Mr. Jaime Escalante who was a beloved math teacher.  For many in the Hispanic community, he enlightened and brought a sense of hope – with ganas anything is possible. In 1988 he was presented with the Presidential Medal for Excellence in Education by President Ronald Reagan. Escalante passed Away in 2010.

His work and motivation continues with his pupils and mentees. Mr. Angelo Villavicencio, a college and high school math teacher, was handpicked by Escalante to continue his project.

Mr. Villavicencio, native from Nicaragua, enjoyed an amazing success himself. He will talk about his work with Mr. Escalante and his own journey to who he is now. He continues Mr. Escalante’s legacy by promoting education in the Latino Community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk with Mr. Villavicencio como to the Dowling College’s Latino Summit, November 8, 2014

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