Dowling College Drone/UAV Program Press Conference

On Thursday February 4th, Dowling College School of Aviation debuted our new Drone/UAV Program to the Media at a Press Conference held at our Brookhaven Campus. Reporters, photographers and representatives of Channels 2, 11, 12, FIOS TV and the Associated Press were on hand to view a classroom setting of AER 1010N Introduction to Drone/UAS. After class, the media interviewed the President, Dr. Inserra, the Dean of Students and Aviation, the School of Aviation’s faculty and a number of the first drone class students. Topics covered in the course included the definition of drones as aircraft, and their uses and future in industry. The Media was then treated to a flight demonstration of various training and commercial drones by the Dowling Drone Club’s members in the Drone/UAV Flight Lab in the Brookhaven hangar. The Press Conference then continued on to the Air Traffic Control Lab where a simulation of how ATC controllers handle both jet aircraft and light aircraft operations at a typical airport and the impact drones/UAV’s can have of traffic flow. The media came away with a better understanding of how drones/UAV’s contribute to both the problems and solutions of manned/unmanned aircraft airspace integration.


News 12 Long Island


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