Dowling College Bilingual Program

Dowling College’s Bilingual First Year program

Education is the key to economic advancement in the United States, and for too many Spanish speaking students, language barriers make a college education difficult to access.

Dowling College is proud to introduce a one-year Bilingual First Year program whose intent is to provide intensive study of English through immersion in ESL while simultaneously providing credit bearing college courses taught in a bilingual format.   Upon completion of the one-year transition program, all participants in this program are expected to take their coursework in English.      

Dowling’s faculty is well-credentialed and dedicated to working with students to produce tomorrow’s leaders in education, business, and industry.   Dowling College’s reputation for educational success is due to the nurturing environment and very small class sizes that are conducive to academic success.   Through this one-year transition program, Dowling College takes great pride in establishing a bridge to academic success for those individuals who have been disadvantaged simply by not being proficient in English. 

What is a Bilingual First Year?

 Dowling’s Bilingual First Year program enables students to start their degree program and earn credits towards graduation while simultaneously becoming proficient in English.  The first semester is taught entirely in Spanish, the second semester is taught bilingually, and students matriculate into English speaking classes upon passing their English proficiency exams.

All classes are designed to introduce students to popular majors with strong career prospects, and help them fulfill college level requirements.   Upon completing the Bilingual First Year Program students can move into any degree program offered by Dowling College.

You will study alongside other Spanish speaking students in an academic cohort, work closely with faculty mentors, and be given all the support needed to gain English proficiency and master the skills needed to be successful in college.

Semester One (Spanish)

FYE 1092A: The American Dream

MTH 1002A: Fundamentals of Math

MGT 1001A:  Introduction to Management Theory and Practice

SPN 2018A:  Spanish Grammar & Composition


Semester Two (Bilingual)

SPN 3101A: Hispanic Literature

EDE: Technology and Society

MKT 1033: Essentials of Marketing in the 20th Century

MTH 1006A: Statistics


English as a Second Language

Welcome to the English as a Second Language (ESL) department at Dowling College where you will experience supportive teachers in a nurturing environment.  We have developed a special program for students in the newly created Bilingual First Year Spanish-English Program.  The focus of this ESL program is to enhance your academic English language skills in listening/speaking, writing, and reading in small class size settings. Our goal is to nurture your communication skills necessary to succeed in college courses as you transition from courses in Spanish to all English courses. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend English language labs where you will work with a language tutor to focus on your individual needs.  You will receive personalized attention to develop academic language skills at this beautiful riverside campus.

Students take enhanced ESL classes during their Fall and Spring semester.  Additional ESL courses are available during the summer sessions.  All students are expected to participate in the ESL program until they demonstrate English Language proficiency.

Why Dowling?

Dowling is a four year comprehensive college in the liberal arts tradition.  We offer dozens of programs taught by world renowned faculty and professors with years of practical experience in their fields.  Our small class size ensures that all our professors work closely with our students. No one is invisible, and everyone is committed to student success.

Our general education program teaches students how to write professionally, how to speak confidently in public, how to think critically and creatively, makes them globally aware, and technologically proficient.

Our educational focus is on experiential learning.  All Dowling students undertake an internship, do independent research under the guidance of a professor, or create a portfolio of their work. All Dowling students leave college prepared to start their careers, which is why Dowling graduates rank among the top 25% of college graduates in terms of mid-career salary.

At Dowling you can find programs available nowhere else on Long Island, taught by a faculty utterly committed to student success. Your future is our top priority

Where your Bilingual First Year can take you

Dowling School of Business 
BBA in Accounting
BBA in Finance
BBA in Management and Leadership
BBA in Marketing
BS in Criminal Justice Management

Dowling School of Education
BA in Early Childhood Education
BA in Elementary Education
BS in Physical Education
BS in Special Education
BS in Sports Management

Dowling School of Arts & Sciences 
BS in Applied Mathematics
BA or BS in Biology
BA or BS in Chemistry (With preparatory tracks in Pre-Medicine, Pre-Physicians Assistant, Pre-Dentistry, and Pre-Veterinary)
BA in Communications Arts
BS in Computer Science and Mathematics
BA in Earth Science
BA in Economics
BA in English (with a concentration in Creative Writing)
BS in Environmental Science
BA in Gerontology
BA in Graphic Design & Digital Arts (with a concentration in Video Game Design)
BA in History
BA in Marine Studies
BA in Mathematics
BA in Music
BS in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
BA in Philosophy
BA in Political Science (with pre-legal pathways)
BS in Professional and Liberal Studies (with concentrations for Social Studies teachers and Pre – Occupational Therapy
BA in Psychology
BA in Romance Languages
BA in Social Sciences
BA in Visual Arts

Dowling School of Aviation 
BS in Aerospace Systems Technology
BS in Aviation Management

Dowling Athletics

Dowling College’s Golden Lions  compete in Division II of the NCAA, and has produced numerous national and regional championship teams.

Men’s Teams        Women’s teams

Baseball                 Basketball

Basketball             Cheerleading

Cross-Country     Cross-Country

Golf                        Field Hockey

Lacrosse                Soccer

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Student Life

Dowling features dozens of student clubs, residence halls, and support services (tutoring, counseling, career services) – everything students need to feel right at home on either of our beautiful campuses

 Contact Us

Would you like to learn more about the Bilingual First Year program?  Please reach out to Dr. John Vargas at vargasj@dowling.eduor call 631-244-3175