Semester in NYC

nycSemester In NYC

For students who are already enrolled in a Bachelor program or who have just graduated high school and wish to incorporate this semester in a future degree, we offer four exciting semester-long programs. Students get to network, live and learn in the Big Apple, the city that attracts the most talented people in the world.

The program consists of two common core courses (Social Change Seminar and Intercultural Communication) and a concentration in one specific field of study:

SOC 3158A Social Change Seminar

SPH 3162 Intercultural Communication

International Studies

Our International Studies concentration exposes students to global institutions and to the most powerful organizations in the world, as well as provides a new perspective on the way foreign policy and international relations work. Students will explore some of the most pressing global issues of our time, visit the United Nations and other leading humanitarian and political organizations, and get exposure to some of the top influencers in the international relations field.

POL 2021 — World Politics

SOC 2162 — Global Social Issues

POL 4178 — Seminar on American Politics


Global Marketing and Fashion Management

The Global Marketing and Fashion Management concentration offers students the opportunity to explore the fashion industry in the fashion capital of the world. The Global Marketing and Fashion Management program provides a strong foundation in the field of fashion, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Students will have the opportunity to build, strategize and launch their own business or startup.

MKT 2140 Global Marketing and Environments

MGT 2073N Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MKT 2046N – Modern Retailing Strategies



The Philosophy concentration is for students who take deep interest in “the bigger picture,” ethical questions of right and wrong in human life, and how the history of science has changed our conception of the universe and ourselves. Our Philosophy program will teach you critical thinking and analytical skills, and invite students to discuss the most fundamental questions in life: What is knowledge? How are we to live? And what is reality?

PHL2060 Ancient Philosophy

PHL2061 Modern Philosophy

PHL2155 Family Ethics


Specialized Independent Study for Advanced Students

This unique individualized program is for advanced students who are interested in conducting research and gaining experience in the most thriving, vibrant city in the world. This concentration presents a greater academic challenge and enables students to pursue their own passions and research topics. The course of study allows the student to individualize their learning experience and our advisors will help students tailor a program depending on the student’s need and interests. Students will work in groups and they will be provided the opportunity to have an internship at a company or organization in New York.

Internship (3 credits)

GISP (3 credits)

Any course(s) from the other concentrations (optional)

Admissions criteria

High school diploma

You must submit your high school diploma showing that you are eligible for tertiary education. No minimum GPA is required, but admission is competitive and priority is given to students with higher GPA.

Language requirements

The general admission criterion is a level of English that corresponds to an iBT TOEFL score of 80, PTE 58 or IELTS band 5.0. However, you do not need to submit test scores to be admitted. Upon arrival, all students will undertake a test of English language proficiency. If your score is not satisfactory, you will have to take additional ESL classes. This may defer your completion of the program, because you will not be able to transfer to the second year before satisfactory language criteria are met.

Other requirements

In order to enroll you must show proof of compulsory immunization and financial guarantee of at least $?


Tuition for the Gateway program is $13,900. This does not include housing.