David Racanelli, Ph.D.

David Racanelli, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music
Department of Communication and Performing Arts (Music)

(631) 244-3049


In 2010, David Racanelli earned his Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from the CUNY Graduate Center, writing his doctoral dissertation on Mande hereditary professional musicians (griots) in New York City. This research served as the basis of his articles in the peer-reviewed journals African Music, Analytical Approaches to World Music, and most recently Ethnomusicology, a leading journal in the discipline. Embracing creative ethnomusicology, an approach through which research materials are used in musical composition, in 2011 David began The Mother Water Project, which encouraged cultural diversity in arts education. This pursuit has lead to several lecture/demonstration performances and a full-length album of original music (Speaking in Tongues). Currently, he is writing a monograph on African guitar playing and subject heading entries for an online encyclopedia of ethnomusicology (Sage Encylopedia of Music and Culture).

  • Music in the Western World: Antiquity-Baroque Era
  • Music in the Western World: Classical-Modern Era
  • World Music
  • African Music Cultures
  • Guitar Heroes
  • Music and Migration
  • The Lives of Musical Instruments
  • Musical Genius
  • Guitar Cultures