Core Requirements

Core Requirements

(Students must choose two courses from each of the five main areas of study)

This is a comprehensive list of all core courses. Please note that not all courses are available every semester.

From the 2014-2016 Dowling College Catalog: “…In order to ensure that each Dowling student graduates with a foundation in the liberal arts and develops a broad range of both skills and knowledge beyond a major specialization, each Dowling graduate must complete 33 credits of core curriculum. Students are required to take two 3-credit courses in each of five study areas: World Civilizations, Modes of Artistic Expression, Dynamics of Contemporary Societies, Nature of the Universe, and Varieties of Human Experience, as well as a 3-credit Senior Seminar. .”

Students may take core courses in any order or sequence, with the exception of the Senior Seminar and foreign language. The Senior Seminar requires the completion of 90 credits in order to register, and foreign language courses must be taken in sequence.

There is a wide range of course offerings within each study area to satisfy core requirements. These courses are designated on the course schedule by the letter “C” following the four-digit course number (for example, HST1001C). Core courses may also count toward major, minor, and certificate requirements. In such instances, the core requirement credits must then be replaced with an equal number of elective credits. Under no circumstances are credits to be removed or deleted from a student’s degree program!!

World Civilizations

Foreign Languages (if chosen, student must take two consecutive courses of the same language)

FRN 1001C French Language and Culture I
FRN 1002C French Language and Culture II
FRN 1005C Everyday French I
FRN 2006C Everyday French II
ITL 1001C Italian Language and Culture I
ITL 1002C Italian Language and Culture II
ITL 1005C Everyday Italian I
ITL 2006C Everyday Italian II
SPN 1005C Everyday Spanish I
SPN 2006C Everyday Spanish II
MND 1005C Chinese Language and Culture I
MND 2006C Chinese Language and Culture II


HST 1001C World History I
HST 1002C World History II
HST 1012C Medieval History
HST 1021C United States I
HST 1022C United States II
HST 1051C East Asian Civilization I
HST 2011C Ancient History
HST 2052C East Asian Civilization II
HST 2078C The Social and Economic History of Europe
HST 3123C The Antebellum Years and the Civil War, 1840-1865
HST 3153C Modern China in Transformation
HST 3154C Modern Japan
HST 4128C The History of the U.S. Presidency

Philosophy and Religious Studies

PHL 1001C Western Philosophy I
PHL 1002C Western Philosophy II
PHL 1003C Problems of Philosophy
PHL 1005C Critical Thinking
PHL 1025C Philosophy of Death & Dying
PHL 1026C Eastern Philosophy
PHL 1042C Ethics
PHL 1050C Ethical Choices in Health Care
PHL 1060C Ethics in Criminal Justice
PHL 1071C Philosophy of Art
PHL 2060C Ancient Philosophy
PHL 2150C Philosophy of Sex & Love
PHL 4124C Existentialism
REL 1010C World Religions
REL 1029C Ancient Christianity & New Testament
REL 1090C Approaches to Spirituality
REL/MED 2001C Religion in Film, Television & News Media

Modes of Artistic Expression

Communication Arts

MED 1039C Introduction to Film
DAN 2020C World Dance
SPH 1004C Fundamentals of Speech


MUS1001C Music in the Western World: Antiquity – 1750
MUS1002C Music in the Western World: 1750 – Present
MUS1008C World Music
MUS1013C Music of Asia
MUS1014C Music of Africa
MUS1015C Guitar Hero

Visual Arts

VIS 1001C World Art I
VIS1002C World Art II
VIS 1009C Basic Drawing
VIS1102C Historical Survey of Western Art
VIS1103C Art of Non-European Cultures
VIS 2140C Digital Photography Manipulations


DRM1001C World Theatre I
DRM1002C World Theatre II
DRM1003C Introduction to Theatre
DRM1004C Theatre in the U.S.

Nature of the Universe


BIO 1009C Biodiversity & Conservation Biology
BIO 1012C Neuroscience
BIO 2031C Invertebrates
BIO 2051C Botany
BIO 2061C Vertebrates
BIO 2071C Ecology
BIO 2113C Evolution
BIO 3055C Marine Biology
BIO 3077C Developmental Biology
BIO 3081C Microbiology
BIO 3139C Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 3140C Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 3150C Genetics
BIO 3160C Introduction to Biotechnology
BIO 4101C Biochemistry
BIO 4170C Cell Biology
BIO 4201C Principles of Bioengineering
BIO 4250C Medical Microbiology
BIO 4251C Food Microbiology

Chemistry / Physics

CHM 1001C General Chemistry I
CHM 1002C General Chemistry II
CHM 1003C General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 1004C General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 2180-2186C Chemistry and Society Topics
PHY 1001C General Physics I
PHY 1002C General Physics II
PHY 1003C General Physics I Laboratory
PHY 1004C General Physics II Laboratory
PHY 1005C Electricity & Electronics
PHY 2025C Physics of Flight
PHY 4181-4182C Topics in Physics

Earth & Marine Sciences

ESC 1006C Elements of Oceanography
ESC 1007C Marine Oceanography Lab
ESC 1010C Elements of Meteorology
ESC 1021C Planetary Astronomy
ESC 1027C Geology I
ESC 1062C Geographic Information Systems
ESC 2010C Large Scale Meteorological Phenomena
ESC 2071C Environmental Pollution-Air
ESC 2072C Environmental Pollution-Water
ESC 2084C Environmental Law
ESC 2085C Environmental Impact Analysis Investigations
ESC 2100C Environmental Science and Sustainability
MSC 1006C Elements of Oceanography
MSC 1007C Marine Oceanography Lab
MSC 1087C Marine Botany
MSC 2110C Marine Ichthyology
MSC 2131C Coastal Oceanography
MSC 3055C Marine Biology

Natural Science

NSC2003C Science & the Concept of Evolution
NSC2004C Science of Natural Systems
NSC 2005C The Discovery Process: Scientific Methods & Experimental Design
NSC 2006C Scientific Modeling & Problem Solving with Spreadsheets
NSC 2009C Statistics of Natural Systems
NSM2008C Mathematics of Graphics

Dynamics of Contemporary Civilization*

* Students MUST select at least one course from Category A

Category A: Theory


SOC 2101C Self & Society I: Foundations of Social Theory


ECN 2103C Great Ideas in Economics


POL 2101C Modern Political Thought
POL 2102C American Political Thought

Category B: General Topics


SOC 1002C Introduction to Sociology II
SOC 2051C Social Problems in American Society
SOC 2101C Self & Society I: Foundations of Social Theory
SOC 2102C Self & Society II: Race, Gender & Class
SOC 2111C Urban Sociology
SOC 2127C Social Pathology & Deviant Behavior
SOC 2129C Healthcare in the US
SOC 2162C Global Social Issues
SOC 3082C Sociology of Gender


ECN 2103C Great Ideas in Economics
ECN 2115C Unconventional Economics


POL 1001C Introduction to Politics
POL 1011C American Government and Politics
POL 2021C World Politics
POL 2022C Comparative Politics
POL 2100C Politics and Film
POL 2101C Modern Political Thought
POL 2102C American Political Thought
POL 2200C Politics and Literature
POL 3125C American Foreign Policy
POL 3129C Politics of the Middle East
POL 3130C Civil Liberties
POL 4184C Post Modern Political Thought

Varieties of Human Experience


PSY 3103C Origins of Human Nature
PSY 3104C Construction of Personal Identity
PSY 3105C Cultural Diversity, Social Cognition & Behavior
PSY 3112C Theories of Personality
PSY 3140C Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3190C History and Systems in Psychology
PSY 4171C Media Psychology
PSY 4174C Psychology of Women
PSY 4177C Seminar: Human Sexuality
PSY 4188C Psychological Science Fiction in Film


ANT 2107C Psychological Anthropology
ANT 2110C Hunting and Gathering Peoples
ANT 2114C Culture and Education
ANT 2119C People and Cultures of Africa
ANT 2133C Worlds of Food
ANT 3101C Patterns of Culture I
ANT 3102C Patterns of Culture II
ANT 3112C Chinese Culture: Confucius to Mao