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October is Nikola Tesla month on the LI History Project

Up first is part 1 of our interview with Jane Alcorn, president of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (TSCW). You’ll hear about how she got hooked on Tesla, his enduring legacy, and the Wardenclyffe lab he built in Shoreham. […] Read more

Dr. Manley Welcomes: Public Education at the Crossroads

Dowling Vet and Senior Publishes First Book

Dowling College student and Veteran, William Walsh, wrote and published his first book,  Earthburner: Confessions of a Vigilante. William is a senior philosophy major at Dowling and is also a former U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran. He was born and raised […] Read more

Dowling’s Forum Series starts with, ‘What’s Up With Donald Trump?’

On Monday, September 21st Dowling College’s Open Forum series kicked off with ‘What’s Up With Donald Trump?’ a discussion of the social, political, and racial implications of Donald Trump’s once improbable rise to front runner status within the Republican presidential primary.  […] Read more

Dowling Professor Chosen to Meet the Pope

Dowling College Professor and Chairperson of Secondary Education, Francis Samuel, has been invited to celebrate Catholic Mass with Pope Francis at Madison Square Garden on Friday, September 25. Professor Samuel is also an author and Jesuit Priest.

Professor Smirnov’s Class Illustrates Earth’s History

What are the students doing? In my Geology II class (ESC 1028) we cover the concept of “Deep Time.” In order to help students visualize what 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history looks like compared to the mere 200,000 years […] Read more

Is a Teacher Shortage Coming to New York?

Dr. Tye presents: Gender and Sexual Fluidity in the age of Tinder, an Illustrated Lecture

Dowling College’s department chair and professor of Psychology, Dr. Marcus Tye, will be speaking at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York City on October 15th from 8-10, Resurrecting Kinsey: Gender and Sexual Fluidity in the age of Tinder, an […] Read more

Dowling Announces its 2015 Gala Celebration

The Dowling College Gala, on October 7, is officially sold out! Contact Cynthia Grossman at for more information.

Visual Arts Grant, Exhibitions, Reception, Discussion

Dowling College’s Department of Visual Arts, Graphic Design and Digital Arts has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant for “Arts Engagement in American Communities” with the intent of widening and deepening public engagement, impact and exposure to […] Read more