Q. Do I need an alumni identification card to receive benefits?
A. Yes. To take advantage of on-campus benefits, you must provide a valid Alumni I.D. card. To obtain your I.D. card, bring a photo I.D. (driver’s license, Passport, etc.) to the Library at Oakdale. One can be mailed by requesting at

Q. How do I get tickets to Commencement 2016?
A. To be announced.

  • There is a strict limit of 4 guest tickets per participating student.
  • Participating students do not need a ticket for admission to the commencement ceremony.

Q. May I use a computer in one of the computer labs?
A. Alumni may use the computers in the Library, however the computer lab is for students use only.

Q. Do Alumni receive a tuition discount if they go on to pursue another degree?
A. Alumni can sponsor themselves for their first semester ($500 for full time and $100 for part time students).

Q. How do I audit a class?, How many classes may I audit?
A. You may audit one class per semester free of charge; credit cannot be earned in this program. Call the Office of the Registrar at 631-244-3250 for more information.

Q. Does Dowling provide tutoring services for our children?
A. Yes. Through our involvement with the America Reads Program, Dowling provides on-campus reading tutoring for children grades K-6.

Q. May I learn to fly at the College?
A. Alumni enjoy flight training privileges for all FAA ratings, private pilot, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and instructor ratings. Fees are based on the student rate. For more information, please call School of Aviation at 631-244-1381.

Q. How does Dowling College help me get a job?
A. Our Career Services Office provides all alumni with free career counseling by appointment. Free workshops, interest testing, career events, job postings and job search privileges are offered via Education credential files are maintained for a fee of $25 per year. Free recruitment services for employers are also available. Call 631-244-3381. Also, current openings in education can be accessed by clicking here.

Q. – May I take out books from the Library?
A. Alumni may check out up to three books from the library’s circulating collection with their Alumni I.D. card.

Q. May I use the library’s databases from off-campus?
A. Due to licensing restrictions, alumni cannot use the library’s databases from off-campus. However, they are welcome to use them within the library.

Q. May I order journal articles from another library?
A. This service is only available for students and faculty.

Q. How do I get a Dowling license plate?
A. A Dowling College license plate application may be picked up in the Alumni Relations Office FH Room 207 or contact Dowling College at 631-244-3000 if you have any questions.

Q. May I take my wedding photos at Dowling?
A. Photos may be taken only on Fridays and weekends after 5:00 p.m. if the ceremonial rooms are not reserved for a College event or a catered wedding/party. They can only be reserved within 3 weeks of requested date. We request an optional donation to Dowling College in the amount of $100.
For date and time availability regarding photos reservations, please call, Dowling College at 631-244-3000.

Q. Can I reserve the Ballroom, Hunt Room, etc.?
A. One or more of the ceremonial rooms may be reserved for a conference or workshop/seminar during the week (day or evening) depending on availability. It is preferred that you fax your needs along with a description of the event and a mission statement of the organization (if available) on company/institution letterhead, with the dates and times, number of attendees, etc. Also, indicate whether or not catering is required. Alumni receive a 50% discount on all room rental fees, but the discount does not apply to catering. For date and time availability regarding room reservations, please call Facilities Services, 631-244-3025; fax: 631-244-1327.

Q. I understand I can sponsor a new student. What is the process?
A. You may present at no cost a sponsorship certificate for $500 to any new full-time Undergraduate (12 credits minimum), or Graduate (9 credits minimum) student, or $100 to any new part-time student. This is a one-time sponsorship that may not be combined with any other Dowling special tuition program. Call 631-244-3000 to receive a certificate.

Involvement With Dowling

Q. Where can I find a list of events happening at Dowling throughout the year?
A. See our Campus Events Calendar or our Alumni Events page, or contact Dowling College at 631-244-3000.

Q. How do I donate money or property to Dowling?
A. Call Dowling College at 631-244-3000 or see the Development section of this site.

Q. Where do I park when I visit Dowling?
A. Alumni may park in the Student Lot.

Q. Does Dowling give tours of its campuses?
A. Yes. You can make an appointment by calling 631-244-3303.
Tour times are Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. Saturday at 12:00 pm. You may schedule a tour of our residence halls by completing this form or by calling 631-630-6000.

Q. I hear Dowling offers discounted trips abroad. How do I sign up?
A. Click on Alumni Travel Program to see where we’re going.

Q. How do I get a yearbook?
A. Call Student Activities at 631-244-3153.

Obtaining Records/Information

Q. How do I obtain a copy of my official or unofficial transcript? Is there any cost?
A. An unofficial copy of a student’s transcript can be obtained by either requesting it in person at the Registrar’s Office, or by faxing a request to 631-244-3252, or by contacting the Transcript Request Hotline at 631-244-1090. There is no charge for an unofficial copy.

An official copy of a student’s transcript can be obtained at the Registrar’s Office or by downloading the Transcript Request form, completing it and mailing or faxing it. You may also mail or fax a written request in the form of a letter. Please note all requests for an official copy of a transcript must be in writing, and must include the student’s original signature as authorization to release their academic records. There is a $10.00 fee per official copy of a transcript.

Q. May I obtain a copy of my immunization records?
A. Yes. You can obtain a copy of your immunization records for up to five years after they have been submitted to Dowling. After that time, these records are removed from the file. There is no fee for this service. Call Health Services Department, at 631-244-3340.

Q. How do I get a job at Dowling College?
A. Positions are posted here on the Dowling College website and internally on College bulletin boards. Resumes should be faxed to 631-244-3006, or e-mailed to Bridget Carroll.

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