Welcome Back, Dowling Alumni!

The legacy of every college and university comes forth from the accomplishments of its alumni. Dowling College has achieved a special place in the world of higher education through the success of our graduates. Eighty-five percent of our more than 35,000 alumni live and work on Long Island.

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Dowling College Position Openings

Adjunct Faculty for Video Game Programming and Mobile App Design Courses 2015

Director of Alumni Relations

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Office of Student Affairs/Alumni Relations
FH 226150 Idle Hour Blvd.
Oakdale, NY 11769
Dean of Student Services and School of Aviation
Tom Daly
631-244-3058 (Oakdale)631-244-1372 (Brookhaven)

Alumni Association of Dowling College
150 Idle Hour Blvd.
Oakdale, NY 11769

KSC 105 – 631-244-3405


Officer Information

James R. V. Rhodes
Class of 2012, B.A.Class of 2015, M.B.A.
First Vice President
Valerie Pugh-Mulazzi
Class of 2009, B.A.
Second Vice President
Frank M. Corso, Jr.
Class of 1977, B.S.
Meagan Pascal
Class of 2012, B.A.

2015-2017 Alumni Association of Dowling College’s Alumni Council Voting Members

Armano, Dominic President of the Education Chapter B.A. 2007 and M.S.Ed. 2009
Bellotti, Patrick Council Member  B.B.A. 2013
Bowler, Michael Council Member  B.S. 1999 and M.B.A. 2014
Browning, James Council Member  B.A. 2010
Carbone, Joseph Council Member  B.B.A. 2000
Catalano, Susan Council Member  B.B.A. 2005 and Ed. D. 2012
Corso, Jr., Frank Second Vice President B.S. 1977
Daly, Thomas President of Aviation Chapter B.A. 1971
Donofrio, Joseph Council Member  B.A. 1970
Drepanis, Andrew Council Member  B.B.A. 2012 and M.B.A. 2014
Ferrante, Michael Council Member  B.A. 2015
Fischer, Denise Past President M.B.A. 1994
Huether, Robert President of the M.B.A. Chapter B.B.A. 2012 and M.B.A. 2014
Huether, William Council Member B.B.A. 2012 and M.B.A. 2015
Josephs, Shawn Council Member B.B.A. 2004 and M.B.A. 2008
Khan, Hassan Council Member  M.B.A. 2014
Lindenfeld, Ron Council Member  B.S. 2002
Mulazzi-Pugh, Valerie First Vice President B.A. 2009
 Michael, Andrew Council Member  B.A. 2014 and M.B.A. 2015
Pascal, Meagan Secretary B.A. 2012
Pfleger, Roy President of the Athletics Chapter B.B.A. 2011
Phillips, Lisa Council Member  B.B.A. 2010
Record, Jim Council Member  B.S. 1970
Rhodes, James President B.A. 2012 and M.B.A. 2015
Talavera, Jose Council Member  B.S. 2013 and M.B.A. 2015
Ventimiglia, Jane President of The Employee Chapter M.S.Ed. 1991
Wagner, James Council Member  B.A. 2009 and M.A. 2011

We currently have a few more open spots on our Alumni Council. Please Email and if you are interested in joining.



Alumni News

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Justin Vaughn ’12 got engaged to Jaleesa Jimenez‘12

Sean Henry ’11 got engaged to Jie Guo.

Jim Rhodes ’12, ’15 was elected to the National SkillsUSA Alumni & Friends Executive Board as its Region 1 (Northeastern United States) representative.

Steve Moskowitz, ’08 was married to Katie Gillin.

Katelyn Murray ’07 was married Caitlyn Fitzgerald.

Stephen Saroli ’83 and Roxanne Zelenka ’10 were married and are now expecting!

Regina Musgrove ’13 was married to Joe Juliano.

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