Pride Point: What’s New in the School of Arts & Sciences

What’s New in the School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences has completed a year-long overhaul of its curriculum. In addition to our traditional liberal arts offerings, we have created (pending final state approval) 13 new degrees plus additional tracks in our existing degrees. These new degrees embody an exciting interdisciplinary approach to education, recognizing that the opportunities of the future will require students to be broadly trained in many different areas—not just narrowly focused on one. The programs also place a great deal of emphasis on experiential learning, requiring students to complete an internship or some other relevant field experience. Many of these cutting-edge programs will be firsts for Long Island, or one of only a small number of schools where students can get this kind of training.

  • BFA in Video Game Design
  • BA in Expressive Arts Therapy
  • BA in Health Studies
  • BA in Sustainability Studies
  • BA in Advertising
  • BFA in Graphic Design
  • BA in Media Management
  • BS in Engineering Science
  • BA In Public Policy
  • BA in Globalization Studies
  • BA in Law and Society
  • BA in Biology Education
  • BA in Earth Science Education

We also have exciting new tracks in existing degrees, including Pre-Dental and Veterinarian programs in biology, a Spanish concentration in Romance Languages, a Pre-Occupational Therapy track in Health Studies, as well as School Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, and Clinical Psychology specializations in our Psychology major.

The School of Arts and Sciences is also looking to build even stronger bonds to our alumni.

  • Our departmental websites are being redesigned to focus more on students and graduates. We plan to spotlight alumni, so please let us know where you are and what you are doing. We would love to feature you and your accomplishments. Get in touch with some of your old professors, or contact Dean Brian Stipelman at
  • As we rapidly expand our internship offerings, we are looking to connect our current and future alumni. If you would like to make internship opportunities available to Dowling students, please reach out to the Dean.

Keeping Up With Your Professors

  • The Communication Arts Department is excited that to announce that it is upgrading to Final Cut Pro X
  • Professor Josh Gidding is currently working on the third draft of a new manuscript, entitled, “SHAME.” It is the sequel to his book, “FAILURE.”
  • Professor Carlos Cunha is currently working on papers regarding how parliamentarians and political parties use new media to communicate. He has been asked to write several entries for a new Portuguese Dictionary on Communism, and to deliver a lecture called, “Castroism and Guevarism from a Populist perspective.” As a result, he will be participating and meeting at conferences in Albania, Estonia, Turkey, Portugal and other nations during 2015-2016.
  • Christopher Boyko ,of Dowlng’s Department of Biology, celebrated his 100th publication on March 8th, 2015. The paper entitled “Description of two new species of Indo-Pacific Thylacoplethus and a new record of Thompsonia japonica (Rhizocephala: Akentrogonida: Thompsoniidae) from hermit, porcelain, and mud crabs (Decapoda) based on morphological and molecular data,” (with co-authors Alexendra Hiller of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Jason Williams of Hofstra University) was published in the Journal of Crustacean Biology. In the paper, two new species and a new genus of parasitic barnacles are described as new to science. Dr. Boyko’s first scientific publication was in 1994 and his goal is to have paper number 200 published in the year 2035.


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