Transportation Around Dowling

Intra-Campus Transportation
Dowling College offers free daily transportation services between the Oakdale and Brookhaven campuses.

Public Transportation
Long Island’s public transportation system includes buses and trains. The train station is a 10-to-15 minute walk from the Oakdale Campus. Taxi services are available, although they may be costly if traveling long distances. (You may wish to invest in a bicycle!)

In order to operate a vehicle in the US, New York State recognizes driver’s licenses issued by other nations (which are written in English). If the student’s license is issued in a foreign language the student must apply and receive a NYS driver license to be eligible to drive in New York State. Students will be ticketed if they are pulled over for speeding, etc. and the officer cannot determine if a license is valid.

An International Driving Permit is not a license, but it can help a police officer to recognize a license that is not in English. If you wish to obtain a New York State driver’s license, please visit the International Students Office for information. You will be required to give up your foreign driver’s license unless you make special arrangements for its return in the future.

Please see: Driving directions and maps of both campuses.