Study Abroad

Study at a University or Program in another Country

As a student at Dowling College, you can take a holiday (winter or summer), one semester, or as much as a year to study in another country. Most of the time, the program you take can give you credit toward your degree – and if you are eligible for financial aid, your grant or loan may be used to help pay the costs.

Where can I go?

You may go to any accredited university in a country of your choosing. You must have written documentation that states the exact Dowling College courses that is equivalent to the courses you will be taking in the desired university. Once that is done, the courses must be approved by your advisor. In order for the study abroad courses to transfer in. a minimum grade of a “C” is required. Be certain to have an official transcript sent to Dowling College upon completion of your courses.

There are many other resources for programs

Some are worth examining very carefully and some less so. One of the best places to begin is with the IIE Passport website of the Institute for International Education for a broad listing of programs and providers, as well as scholarship and other useful information.

What do I do next?

Meet with an International Admissions Counselor in the Admissions Office, Fortunoff Hall and fill out a Study Abroad Application. We will go through the entire process of arranging for a program abroad, and arrange for you to meet a Financial Aid Advisor.

And then you will be off for what has been described as the most challenging, life-changing, and exciting experience you have ever had!

If you would like further information about participating in an exchange program, please contact:

Admissions Office
Fortunoff Hall
Dowling College
150 Idle Hour DriveOakdale, NY 11769
(631) 244-3303 or via email at