Student Testimonials

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Student Testimonials

Erin Lynch, Testimonial – I studied abroad in Lima, Perú for one academic year. It was the best experience I have ever had in my life! After two semesters at the Universidad de Lima, I left Lima with tears in my eyes. I never thought I would love another country as much as I love my own, but the people and the experiences I had there proved me wrong.  Limeños are warm, loving and caring and there are so many beautiful places to experience. My Spanish is more than 100% better than what it was and I am grateful to Dowling for the experience. I urge anyone who is learning another language to study abroad! Not only will you learn a language, but, be given a renewed vision of the world.


hamiltonHamilton Merilus, Testimonial – Hamilton J. Merilus, B.A., ’03, is a courageous man who has overcome many obstacles and has persevered in the face of difficulty. Born and raised in Haiti, Hamilton endured the horrors of witnessing atrocities during political unrest. As a young boy, he suffered the loss of his father, leaving him to help his mother raise his seven siblings.  When Hamilton and his family came to the United States in 1995, assimilation was difficult since they did not speak English, yet Hamilton strived to fill his father’s shoes and take on the role of provider and teacher to his brothers and sisters. Hamilton’s perseverance helped him become a student at Dowling College. While at Dowling, Hamilton worked full-time, played on the Men’s Soccer and Tennis teams and volunteered his time to tutor and coach.

Dowling College considers Hamilton a true success story and we are proud that he is an active alumni who volunteers his time to our soccer team. Hamilton went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Social Work and is currently the Director of Home At Last, Independent Group Home Living, Support Family Specialist at the Mental Health Association in Hempstead, NY. He is now striving to fulfill his lifelong dream; to receive his Ed.D. degree from Dowling College. Hamilton is furthering his education in an effort to “help end injustices, racism, biases, social inequalities and, above all, respect and protect all human rights”.

With a solid education, Hamilton would eventually like to return to Haiti and help them become a thriving country. Hamilton confidently says that “Dowling College is the school that has prepared me for this journey”.

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